Maple-roasted chicken and sweet potatoes

The sweet potato is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. There are over 400 varieties of sweet potato divided into two main categories: the sweet, orange-fleshed type, popular in North America and Europe, and those with a drier, white flesh, less sweet, which are consumed in Asia, South America and Africa.


Lasagna-style cabbage rolls

Savoy cabbage is a headed cabbage that originates from northern Italy. It has crinkled green leaves and a fairly pronounced flavour. While it is usually eaten cooked – stuffed savoy cabbage is a traditional favourite – and can be steamed, sautéed or braised as an ingredient in soups and stews, this cabbage is also very … Continued


Halloween soup

The pumpkin is the most popular variety of winter squash. Its flesh, which varies in thickness, is relatively sweet and dry, and has a slightly more pronounced flavour than that of other winter squash. Pumpkins are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin A. They also contain vitamin C. Toasted pumpkin seeds make a healthy, … Continued


Maple-roasted acorn squash

Acorn squash, also called pepper squash, belongs to the family of summer squash. This squash has a smooth, hard, dark green skin, with some orange patches when picked ripe. Its distinctive deep ridges can make it a challenge to peel, but it is not always necessary to do so. The yellowy orange flesh is tender … Continued


Spaghetti squash with arrabbiata sauce

Spaghetti squash differs from other varieties of squash in that when it is cooked its flesh comes away in spaghetti-like strands. Spaghetti squash is usually ivory or yellow in colour, but some varieties are striped. Choose fruit that is firm with a smooth skin. From l’Encyclopédie visuelle des aliments Ingredients for 4 portions 1 spaghetti … Continued


Sea bream and zucchini gratin

All parts of the zucchini are edible, including its tender skin and delicately flavoured flowers. The flowers are often eaten stuffed or deep -fried. Zucchini are rich in vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system and helps wounds to heal. From l’Encyclopédie visuelle des aliments Ingredients for 4 portions 4 fillets of sea bream … Continued


Fennel, apple and walnut salad

Fennel originates from the Mediterranean region. Also known as “sweet fennel” or “Florence fennel”, the plant has a sweet, aromatic flavour similar to that of liquorice or aniseed. Ingredients for 4 portions 1 fennel bulb 1/2 cucumber 2 branches celery 2 apples 10 radishes A few leaves of fresh basil, chopped A handful of walnuts … Continued

Beef stew with carrots and parsnip

Parsnips were a staple vegetable in centuries gone by, but were gradually forgotten as their cousin the carrot became more popular. Today, however, they are enjoying a comeback, partly due to the renewed interest in old-fashioned crops, and also because they have so many nutritional benefits. From l’Encyclopédie visuelle des aliments Ingredients 6 carrots 6 … Continued


Penne pasta with radicchio and cheese

The Radicchio was originally from Italy and is known as a garden plant. It was developed from wild Chicory and is reputed to be very bitter. It is cultivated in Italy since the 16th century, It is also farmed in France and North America. The Radicchio has green leaves that turn to red when the … Continued


Kaki-pear compote

Kaki is the fruit of the persimmon tree (Diospyros kaki), which is native to China. The word “kaki” is Japanese for persimmon; it is the national fruit of Japan. Persimmons are also grown in Korea, Israel and the United States. When ripe, persimmons have a soft, sweet and aromatic flesh, and are delicious with or … Continued